September 2016

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By Brenda Richardson     

After years of working with numerous clients, interior designers Michael Smith and Mary Cook have seen many of the same design mistakes over and over.

The Los Angeles-based Smith, who was appointed by the Obamas to redecorate the residential quarters of the White House, is the author of five decorating books, including his latest, “The Curated House". >>Read more

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A decade ago, when the real-estate bubble was reaching its peak and homeowners were giddy about the rise in home values, plugging in addresses at the new website Zillow became a national pastime.

“We call it a Zestimate and not a zeppraisal and not a zeprice. It’s meant to be a starting point,” Rascoff said. “To determine a more accurate opinion of a home’s value you should hire a real-estate agent, or more to the point, you should sell the house and then you will know how much it’s worth.” >>Read more

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An aerial look at the Margaritaville hotel at the $750 million Margaritaville Orlando project.

Margaritaville Resort Orlando has reached a sales milestone with more than 250 reservations and deposits for its first phase of construction, which includes vacation cottages as part of the overall 300 acres development. The company has increased its plans for its Margaritaville-brand hotel to 187 rooms, up from 175 rooms. In addition, the project's sales center — part of the first phase of construction — is set to open on Oct. 1 and the developer is accelerating plans for future phases to meet the growing demand. >>Read more

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