November 2017

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Orlando home sales bounce back one month after Hurricane Irma

Sales of Orlando homes posted positive increases in October, just one month after Hurricane Irma hit the pause button on housing transactions. Sales increased by 7 percent in October when compared to October of last year, and increased by 14 percent when compared to last month. The median price rose in October as well, by 6 percent year-over-year. >>Read more.

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By Jennifer Riner, Trulia

It’s one of the most common questions in real estate: should I rent or should I buy? For most aspiring homeowners who plan to stay in the same city for a period, buying is the preferred route. Instead of paying off the landlord’s mortgage, homeowners’ monthly payments are funneled into their own investment that, typically, increases in value over time. The better question is – which can I afford?

You’ve probably heard – at least in recent years – homeowners save thousands compared to renters. According to Trulia, buying is a better deal in every major U.S. metro – at least for those with an average budget who plan to stay in the home for at least seven years. The calculation also assumes 20 percent down upfront on a

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