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These 5 Trends Will Shape the Housing Market in 2017

Chris Matthews

If the U.S. economy is to hit escape velocity in 2017, you can expect the real estate sector to serve as its rocket fuel.

At its most broadly defined, housing can be counted on to compose 15% of GDP. It hasn't done that much heavy lifting lately, however. That's because in the wake of the real estate bubble, lending standards have remained tight, while the cautious builders who survived the crisis have been reluctant to dive headfirst into expanding their operations again.

But there are signs that these trends are about to change. Read more>>

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Orlando home sales, median price increase along with mortgage rate in November

Orlando home sales experienced a 7 percent year-over-year jump in November, along with a 9 percent increase in median price. The average interest rate paid by an Orlando homebuyer is November is 3.82 percent, up from 3.57 percent. >>Read more.

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Build Your Own Samantha Collection modular cabinets

Want your place to look like those home design website images you drool over? Of course you do! Problem is, your budget may not match your design aspirations. Fear not! Making your home look high-end isn’t always about spending tons of cash.

It’s a matter of taking the time and care to arrange things in an eye-pleasing way—and making small, inexpensive updates that have a big impact. In other words, it’s about being sneaky.

Here are a few tricks to pull if you want to add the illusion of luxury. >>Read more

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Orlando median price continues its upward trend as sales and inventory slip

The median price of Orlando area homes rose 14 percent year-over-year in October. Meanwhile, sales decreased 8 percent as inventory took its greatest year-over-year tumble in 2016 and dropped by 12 percent.

The overall median price (all sales types and all home types combined) for the month of October 2016 is $205,000, a 13.95 percent jump compared to the $179,900 median price in October 2015. The median price is steady compared to the September 2016 median of also $205,000.

The Orlando median home price has now experienced year-over-year increases for the past 63 consecutive months; as of October the median price is 77.49 percent higher than it was in July 2011. >>Read
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1. People who look at your home over the holidays are serious buyers. 

2. Serious buyers have fewer homes to choose from over the holidays. That means less competition and more money for you.

3. Come January there will be an increase of homes on the market which will decrease the demand. Less demand means less money.

4. Houses show better when they're decorated for the holidays.

5. Buyers tend to be more emotional during the holidays and may spend more money.

6. Buyers have more time to look over the holidays. 

7. Some people must buy before the end of the year for tax reasons.

8. January is traditionally a month where employees have to relocate so they cannot wait until Spring.

9. You have the option to delay your close or

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Some things in life are meant to set and forget (coffeepots, crockpots, DVRs), but your homeowners insurance policy isn’t one of them. The coverage you currently have might not work for your and your family’s needs five years, five months, or even five weeks down the road, so it’s essential that you keep your policy up to date. The alternative? You’ll put yourself at risk for gaps in coverage, and it’s even possible that you’ll miss out on substantial savings on your premium. >> Read more.
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Orlando home sales increase 3 percent as median price continues upward march and climbs 12 percent

The median price of Orlando homes rose 12 percent year-over-year in September, while sales increased by 3 percent. The supply of homes available for purchase in the Orlando area slid downward by 10 percent. >>Read more.

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style_map-03It’s worth emphasizing now more than ever: Diversity is what the United States of America is all about. The country, of course, was cobbled together on this very idea—diversity of geography, beliefs, people. And even the homes they live in! We’ve got architectural styles rooted in the history of our nation before it was a nation (Colonial, Pueblo), a variety of imports (Spanish, French, Mediterranean) and lots of utterly contemporary styles.

So what is an American home, really? >>Read more
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