Our Promise to You

As the customer of a full service real estate brokerage who adheres to the Realtor Code of Ethics and strict professional standards set forth within our Company, we make the following promises and declaration of customer rights during our business relationship:

  1. Our real estate agent's do not sell a product; they are consultants and sell service and it's better for both buyers and sellers to close a transaction knowing that they have not made significant decisions alone.
  2. Partnership with a well-trained, competent, ethical and respectful professional to serve you. This also includes access to the managing broker.
  3. Communicate in the manner and frequency that you desire and agree upon. Most real estate "emergencies" can be easily remedied and are not cause for panic. But, everyone wants to know (and quickly) that there is a cure for what ails them.  You have the right to expect a timely response to all of your real estate needs, including returned phone calls, emails and other communications.
  4. Be informed to the level you desire and the real estate consultant should explain the entire process clearly and fully for buying or selling your home, including your rights and responsibilities as a buyer or seller as well as the rights and responsibilities of the real estate consultant and their brokerage firm.
  5. Be informed of and pre-approve any action that is required or any developments in your transaction as soon as reasonably possible. Expect your real estate professional to communicate any offers to purchase. You have the right to know all of your real estate options and to participate in decisions about your choices. Your consultant is your partner in the home buying or selling process, but you are in the driver's seat. As a seller, you have the ultimate say so in choosing to accept, counter or decline any offers received on your property- your consultant is there to educate you about the market and assist you in making the right decision that meets your needs. As a buyer, it is your call as to which neighborhoods you want to view homes in and what property you would like to purchase. It is your consultant's job to educate you about the market and how the buying process works.  Additionally, buyers have the right to choose their own providers for financing, insurance, home inspections and closings.
  6. Your home shall be marketed in the manner promised in the marketing presentation, or which will provide the best opportunity for your home to be exposed to the greatest number of potential qualified buyers.
  7. You should be told in advance of any and all fees, costs, commission, etc. that are required as part of your transaction.
  8. A real estate consultant shall actively work to solve problems that arise during the transaction.
  9. A real estate consultant shall provide copies of all documents pertaining to the transaction immediately upon execution or demand.
  10. Your personal information is shared only with parties to the transaction who have a need to know of such information and that any other sharing of information is done only with your written approval or agreements. Information of motivation, pricing or financial terms other than offered should not be disclosed unless permitted in writing. Further, that your real estate consultant will take all reasonable efforts to ensure that your personal information will be stored in a secure environment. You have the right to talk in confidence with your real estate professional and to have your information protected. 
  11. As we and fellow Realtors follow the “Golden Rule”, you have the right to considerate, respectful and nondiscriminatory care from your real estate consultant. Fair Housing Laws apply to all real estate practitioners, whether they are a member of the National Association of REALTORS® or not. 
  12. You have an opportunity to provide feedback relative to the performance of your real estate professional in your transaction or general questions about the transaction to the Managing Broker any time before, during or after the transaction. 

For access to the National Association of Realtors Code of Ethics and Standards please visit NAR.Realtor